Categories: New Zealand, Pedestal Mount

Taken: Pat Reeve from Driven TV, MN

Outfitter: Leithen Valley Trophy Hunts

Challenge: Capturing the essence of a large, dominant Red Stag

From the very first time we laid eyes on this Stag, we knew the immensity of the undertaking we were about to embark upon. To put it simply, the Stag is huge. Like all big trophies, we were especially concerned with replicating the large neck and body. We paid special attention to form alterations making certain to create the muscle definition and bulk of the animal. Obviously, the heavy antlers (measuring 4” across the base) were another concern of ours. Using steel rods buried deep in the neck, we were able to create a supportive base. With its massive size and impressive antlers, it is quite the head turner!