Categories: Africa, Dangerous Game, Life Size Mount

Taken: Mike Heridia, PA

Location: South Africa

Challenge: Creating Movement

There are some projects that makes us go – “Oooo! This is going to be fun!” This one was one of those times. We were asked to create an action-packed scene that would be viewed from 360⁰. In order to this, we needed to capture the flowing movements you would see in a real life chase scene. So, we started with the deconstruction of the stock forms to create the twists and elegant turns we wanted. But we didn’t stop there, expressions in both facial features and body language were a large part of the project. The lions have intense focus while the Wildebeest shows a fearful expression. The swish of the Wildebeest’s tail, the angle of the Lion’s mane, the splayed claws, the curve of the Lioness’ back—they all come together to create a moving masterpiece.