Categories: Life Size Mount

Taken: Dennis Brownley, TX

Outfitter: Australia Wide Safaris, Matt Kelman

Challenge: Visual Seamlessness

The Fighting Crocodiles’ scene was an exciting undertaking here at the Studio. From the very first simple sketch, it was evident this would not be a usual project! A project of such size and complexity called for visual seamlessness. The design team had to construct a support system strong enough to hold two crocodiles in place at 20 foot. Through a careful balancing act and after many hours later, the crocodiles are connected at the tail and leg through a series of steel bars. The bars alone are not what created the visual seamlessness. It is the overall motion of the piece—the jutting driftwood, the angled river grass, the curve of the crocodile bodies. The completed project flows with a mixture of flowing grace and natural furiousness.