Elite Taxidermy

Good enough is not enough. We strive to create something special—something unique—not your everyday taxidermy mount.

Scenic Environments

Creating themed and vibrant habitats, our team will construct scenery unique to your trophy’s natural environment.

Lifetime Guarantee

Using the latest developments in our field and only the best materials, we guarantee every mount leaving our studios for life.

Fine Craftsmanship

With over 90 years of combined experience honing their craft, our team of skilled artisans strives for excellence with each project.

Unlimited Options

Leaving standard forms and the limits they present behind, our team will customize and sculpt each mount to not only recreate the original size of your trophy but also highlight it’s best features.

Helpful Client Support

We pride ourselves on being available for our clients from the early consultation process to providing assistance with any taxidermy challenges you may face. You are never alone.


Official Taxidermist

For Pat and Nicole Reeve of Driven TV.

“Wes Good and his team at Kanati Studio does a superb job, we can’t say enough.” – PAT REEVE

What our clients say

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Recent Articles

New Zealand Game, Endless Options

We love New Zealand game. We’ve been to the South Pacific to study these amazing animals in their natural environment and our extensive data and reference library enables us to capture these animals with incredible Anatomical Accuracy. Check out our Catalog for a sampling of taxidermy options for New Zealand Game here NEW ZEALAND CATALOG

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Kanati Studio – What’s in the name

We are excited to announce our name has changed from Wildlife Studios Taxidermy to Kanati Elite Taxidermy Studio. Kanati {ka-nah-tee} is Cherokee for the first man and guardian of the hunt. He was responsible for teaching the people the skill of hunting and preserving it’s tradition. We respect the tradition the name Kanati brings. Our desire […]

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It’s Not Just Taxidermy: an in-depth look at the Elements of Great Taxidermy

Taxidermy is just a form, hide, some glue, and lots thread. Right? To some, that is all that it is. For us, taxidermy is an art form. You may have heard that before and you know it sounds good. But what does it mean? Let’s look at what sets good taxidermy apart from great taxidermy. […]

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Guide to Whitetail Shoulder Mounts

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